Welcome to a page where you can help by sharing your knowledge.

Why this page?

When I was about to write my Masters thesis, I saw a banner with a text that read something like this: "Use it to save people! ”

I studied with a man who invented a wheelchair that can be controlled with his eyes. I thought that was pretty cool, and could not even imagine how I was going to do something similar. I did not have enough knowledge about hardware to make something similar, but what I have is an educator education and knowledge from the studio on how people communicate with machines (Interactiondesing). So that's why I thought of a combination of the two things - knowledge about people and how they communicate via IT - maybe I could make a difference.

My mother has always used me as a guinea pig when she needed to learn something new as a relaxation educator. It has taught me that a headache can be relieved by being massaged elsewhere on the body than just in the neck and main (fx reflexology)! In other words, it has taught me that I can take a headache pill or get a massage. But when it's really bad, is a combination of the two means, really effective.

In interviews I did in connection with my master's thesis, I found to medicate sometimes lack topics to research - that is, that there is not always an obvious, concrete topic to tackle if you want to research in medical science.

Back to my sense that a combination of tools could work well together, so be it fun to investigate if there were other combinations of drugs and alternative therapies that might work together. If there are now enough people who have tried a particular combination of preparations or treatments that they think work for them, then it could possibly be interesting for a doctor who was missing a research project to take a closer look at. (Either to become wiser on the treatment of a specific disorder - or perhaps to find forward to some completely different, interesting finds)

Now I have been so lucky to have my third son (my boyfriend's first). However, he had a slightly difficult start, as has made my search for better treatment combinations even more important to me. He was born with oesophagus atresia (esophagus did not sit with the stomach) so he had to have surgery after a small day. He subsequently developed a violent sepsis and it was close to going completely wrong. Fortunately, he was strong and survived! IN today he is well and living with having reflux, and sometimes a lot of vomiting, because the closing mechanism on his Stomach mouth does not work quite as well as on people who have one normal stomach function.

My goal is to create a database of knowledge that can help ordinary people living with different challenges. At the same time, my thought is that the database can bring ideas to research areas that can benefit many people. This is how we can share knowledge, help each other, and at best get a boost some research projects.